29 year old male, dis lession on perianal region, under went sx n may be ks twice, plz dx n rx



▪Anal Fistula. ▪Silicea may be effective if indicates. ▪Myristica seb Q TID. ▪Warm water sitz bath containing calendula Q + Echinacea Q daily for 20 min. ▪Also advise healthy diet and regimen with meditation. ▪Plenty of water intake and fibre. ▪change in sedentary lifestyles.

UNDOUBTEDLY, This is Chronic Recurrent Anorectal Fistula..What are findings on Digital examination, Go for Fistulogram do cbc esr stool urine HbA1c, Mx ......You should also verify regarding sexual appetite, orientation, preference perversion,

Sir Anorectal fistula....rule out d finger dx for asseing int.punctum or u go we fistulogram. Tt.ks ligation is ideal tt for dis case

Anal fistula, Abhayarist30 ml with coster oil 10 ml mixed up N BD Arshkuthar Ras 1 BD Sutsekhar Ras 2 BD Arogyabardhani bati2 BD Gandharv haritaki2 BD N Apply kashisadi tail Pichu.

Anorectal fistula or abscess.

Anorectal Fistula

Anal fistula

Now before going for KS Ligation you must go with CT Fistulogram.... @Dr. Ravi Thorat sir

Seems to be anal fistula. Myristica Sebifera 6c, QIDS. Apply FP ointment by SBL. Constipation must be avoided by taking Kali Mur3x by dissolving in a half a glass (tumbler of 200 ml.)hot water. Take a teaspoon every fifteen minutes. This will help in constipation.

Rx abhayarista,,kultab,, madhusnuhi rasayanam with vyadhi harana rasayanam,,

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