True - or False labour?

29 Yrs, Female, G3P1L1A1, EDD 12.12.2020 History 13.11.2020 : Admitted in hospital with pain abdomen. Pain releived with drotaverine injection. She had been discharged from hospital next day stating it was 'False labour pain' though the cervical os was 3 cm open at the time of discharge. 15.11.2020 : Again got admission with pain abdomen in another hospital under me. This time too pain got releived with drotaverine injection. FHS 148 BPM &Regular, Longitudinal lie ,cephalic presentation, Cervical OS is 3-3.5 cm, station -3, effacement 50 %. Findings are unchanged even after 24 hrs. What should be the right approach in this particular case ? Can I discharge her again as 'False labour' ?




Give her time. Let it progress on it's own if mother and baby are otherwise fine. Give enema. Take NST. Can discharge if she stays nearby and no complaints.

Nicely answered ma'am. Thank you.