25 years male has been suffering diarrhea and abdominal pain for last one week. Stool sample was taken and microscpic findings are posted in the image below. The size of the particles are 16 x 28 micrometers. PLEASE GIVE YOUR ANSWERS IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER... 1. Diagnosis ? 2. Any further investigations like to suggest ? 3. Management ?


Bile stain egg , not Giardia lamblia, ? Fasciola hepatica
1. Giardia lamblia causing giardiasis 2. Antigen testing for stool can be performed. 3. Metronidazole for 5-10 days or Tinidazole single dose. Fluid and electrolyte balance should be maintained if diarrhea is severe.@Samarth Dubey
Could be isospora, go for modified Zn stain and also check HIV status
Giardia lamblia, enterotest, metronidazole or tinidazole
Giardia cyst , but size given not matching
Jiardia metrogyl 400 TDs 5 to 7day
2- Endoscopy, colonoscopy
Eggs of Fasciola hepatica.
2. USG of liver, GB, CBD, and whole abdomen. 3. Bithionol first-line therapy. Triclabendazole, more tolerable side effect profile. praziquantel.
Cysts of Giardia lamblia
1- Gastroenteritis
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