3.5 year old male child with severe pallor after trivial injury 3 days before.bleeding continuing intermittently. no hepatospleenomegaly.h/o similar episode before after injury to tongue.? HEMOPHILIA.other injury marks seen but parents deny history of prolonged bleeding except for episode of tongue injury initially. no family history of bleeding disorder according to father.



Apply tranexemic acid powder locally with Guage pieces and local pressure, can give IV form also Check CBP PT, INR, APTT BT CT Peripheral smear May need a bone marrow biopsy based on above results for definitive diagnosis Rule out acute leukemia

Do coagulation profile, important peripheral smear study

if platelet count was normal, rule out functional platelet disorder (glaanzman, von willebrand ).as there is no family history of bleeding disorder hemophilia less likely ,most important rule out ITP

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agree with Dr Manish Verma's answer

u got it ryt... its hemophilia as per case description. CBC with PBF, PT/aPTT, INR, BT/CT, Fac 8/9 assay or later if req Fac 13 assay.

hemophilia usually presented WITH haemarthrosis, gum bleeding rare presentation, and also family history present in hemophilia Sir

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Haemoplhilia. Do clotting profile

rule out leukemia




do a complete blood count with pt aptt inr and coagulation profile including factor assays .peripheral blood smear to rule out abnormal cells.

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