3 months f ch suffering from loose motion, vomitting, distended abdomen on and off since 2 months CVS, chest NAD usg,lft,stool culture normal crp WNL{WT.3.500KGS} PLS SUGGEST UR VALUABLE OPINIONS



Infective diarrhoea with gaseous distension of abdomen. Rx. 1. Probiotics such as Lactobacillis reuteri 1s OD 2. Zinc 10mg OD for 14 days 3. Carminatives for gaseous distension. 4. ORS supplementation. 5. Continue breast feeding

Child is malnourished and marasmic loosing wt.look for top feeding which may be measure cause of it he is only 3 months top feeding should not be allowed if breast feeding is available.lactose and sugar intolerance should be taken care off.what kind of motions are if watery and projectile may viral i.e. rota virus. If stools are foul smelling may be anaerobic to be treated by meterogyl+antibiotc if stools are small semiliquid yellowish its shiggelosis and to be treated with plain antibiotic. Keep oral hydration of child as eyes shows shrunken a sign of dehydration.

Thanx dr Ananta Sangle

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2 month diarrhea Infective diarrhea is less likely as stool culture is sterile Lactose intolerance or caeliac disease or Immunodeficiency associate diarrhea or cystic fibrosis or secretary diarrhea , pancreatic insufficiency should be rule out Distended abdomen due to electrolyte imbalance or gaseous distension Investigate Stool routine microscopy, stool for occult blood, reducing substance HIV status of parents Adv pre pro biotics, zinc, mvi, ors, continue breast feeding.... Raccecadrotil....antisecretory drug has good result

Two points are important. Feeding whether on Breast milk or Top feed. What was birth weight. Seems to FTT Exclusive breastfeeding is required. 10mg per day zinc syp may be added. For 14 days. Review case after wards.

probably this is case of lactose intolerance.it is not viral diarrhoea duration is 2 month. it is not infective as stool cllture is sterile. breast feeding to continue. if the baby is formula fed low lactose diet eg card to be started . zn 10mg odx14dàys ors vit A oil 50000 units od

If breastfeeding normal, no fever /congestion then it's no matter of concern. Just go for symptomatic management........ 1. Stop if any bottle feeding 2. Maintain proper hygiene during feed 3. If Rotavirus vaccine missed then to be given (Catch up period 1 Yr) 4. Treat with probiotics /Zinc /ORS 5. Avoid unnecessary antibiotics

rule out Abdomen Tb lactose intolerance celiac disease malabsorption state

?Rotaviral diarrhoea... But it does not last for 2 months...has the child been vaccinated against it?

Not now

Zn 1o mg 14 d

Do abd ultrasounds Supine and erect plan x ray abdomin To exclude intestinal obstruction

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