3 year old child with abdominal pain and vomiting for the last 2 days. Abdominal distention present as well. USG image is shown below. Management



ileocolic intususception with preserved outer wall blood flow. go for barium reduction than surgery as recurrence rate is same for both

yes - it was intussusception. patient was managed conservatively.

If bleeding dysentery , intussusception.

upper Git obstruction is likely, pyloric stenosis Duodenal bands and stricture, atresia, volvulus midgut malrotation r DD. Detailed clinical data and skiagram AP chest and abdomen and clinical photographs of the child wl aid in the proper clinical diagnosis ofcourse usg abdomen and other contrast studies of Gi tract r confirmatory and for mgment ..

This is the case of intussusception.baby will require exploration otherwise doing delay there are chances of gangrene.

Dough nut sign Intussception

pyloric stenosis?


can it be intususception

Target sign also called as dough nut sign, with this is clinical presentation and USG finding it is a case of intussception

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