3 years old Fch...having these type of lesions since the age of 3 months with intense itching...No other family member us affected...give ur valuable suggestions regarding Diagnosis and Management... Thanks in advance


Papular urticaria vs scabies I think treat as scabies first with add on roxid and atarax

Sir...i have treated for scabies No response .....

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Papular Urticaria (?)

?URTICARIA SCABIES Rx HHMITE CREAM Below the neck all over body parts without bath Tab ktrax Tab ivermectin on day 1&day7 Adv: Wash aal cloths/towels/napkins/bedsheet in hot water aslo chek eosonophil count in cbc serum igE for allergies

Likely to be allergic reaction to some face cream.stop cream.and treat for allergy.

Its urticaria because in scabies not seen on the face

Its urticaria, Bcoz Scabies is not seen on the face

Papular urticaria.


? Urticaria


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