30/m ,having these lesions for 6 months ,with mild itching ,the one in the back is the first to appear, with mild sensational loss


Undoubtedly Psoriasis. Vulgaris so send scrapings for HPE Do a throat swab cbc esr stool urine HbA1c LFT,Thro & Mx.. Ask Pt to stop whites bakery nonveg spicy sour pungent...Put him on a bland gluten free diet within 15 days you will see the change...Believe me Doc...I am MD DGO Practicing Holistic Medicine(MD.D.Ac,D.Sc FF.Hom) for the past 33 yrs now...Give him plain Enema wkly .As a Homoeopath On totality I wd give him Nux/ Sul alt

psoriasis Rx methotrexate steroid base craam tab VitD3 n ultra violet light

By just looking at photo It looks like psoriasis.closure look and proper diagnosis is Necessary.trat it with tar preparation.


Psoriasis... topical midpotent steroid and a good moisturiser with non sedative antihistamines

Psoriasis Topical steroid and salicylic acid based ointment Topical coaltar preparation Antihistaminic for itching Essential fatty acids supplementation PUVA

Psoriasis. If the pt has not had any treatment start With tar preparation.


@Dr. Parshuram Agarwal Please check it for psoriasis.


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