30 year female patient presented with oral lesions ......please

30 year female patient presented with oral lesions ......please give DD



1. History of habit is must doctor , anyways DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS - 2. it seems curdy white lesion with redness , erythroplakia with superimposed oral candidal thrush . 3. Blood test - TLC , DLC , pt may be immunocompromised . Clinically , Check , the lesion is scrapable or not if not thn the chances of being leukoplakia is no more . 4. Histopathological examination - i strongly advise for the conformation of the lesion . 5. Less chances of lichen planus on hard palate and also go for buccal mucosa examination bilaterally .

-leukokeratosis -verrucous leukoplakia/Lekoplakia -Candidiasis (The lesions of leukoplakia cannot be rubbed off,...as in pseudomembraneous candidiasis) -Hard palate Oral lichen planus (unlikely here)is difficult to distinguish from Lekoplakia.. histopathological examination is mandatory

Sir ji its Oral thrush... Due to candidiasis albicans Si first rule out d past history, hb, esr, and hiv test. Then .. Candid mouth paint.. Candiforce cap Mouth gargling with wokadine

Leukoplakia of the left side of the palate . * pt is a chronic smoker . * oral prophylaxis is very poor . * due to smoking , leukoplakia,and candidial infection severe foul smell may be there . * pallor of the tongue indicates anaemic patient , hb levels also may be low level. * scaling should be done , stains should be removed . * if u take a case of chronic smoking r pan chewing habit then u have to go for scaling and then rest of the associated problems. * any periodontal infection, any mobility of teeth any caries teeth has to check . * if there is any caries teeth in the oral cavity get it cleaned and filled with composite . * any remnants of root pieces should remove . * any deeply decayed teeth can be removed . * opg for upper and lower teeth condition and bone condition also . * any history of burning sensation ? * any h/o of trismus ? * any chronic suppurative periodontitis ? * any periodontal pockets and pus exudation ? * any difficulty in deglutation ? * RX 1. If gingival infection and mobility and pus discharge then metrogyl 200 mg bid is sufficient because the condition oral cavity is not that much bad . 2. Mouth wash chlorhexidine for fresh breath and it keep the oral cavity any time healthy . 3, leukoplakia can removed by laser very thin layer will be removed by laser . 4, anti fungal candid gel mouth paint r Aloe Vera oral gel application is very useful. 5. B complex tab once daily for intestinal Flora . 6, antibiotic if necessary . 7, after scaling we can recommend metrogyl gum paint for early results . 8, hemoglobin levels has to check . 9. Any sublingual sub mandibular cervical lymphadenopathy we have to check.

H/o?? Scrap cytology? D/d - leukoplakia /OSMF/ LP

seems to be oral white lesions over a background of erythema. d/d are leukoplakia, Candida, erythroleukoplakia. biopsy required.


Oral candidiasis.leukoplakia.

Pt must have a some tobacco habits...so Erythroleukoplakia Leukoplakia Oral candidiasis At least osmf.... Ideally its very difficult for any doc to give your question abswer as your question is not having more information including habits,any systemic illness......

History of habbit like betel nut , tobacco Go for biopsy

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