30 year old male having right side chest pain with fever mild cough. diagnosis / tt



inj.clavam 1.2gm iv bd in.lcin 500 iv od inj.aciloc bd Tab.azee 500 od tab dolo 650 tds if bronchial congestion tab.ventidox m od give neb.. according hr if needed oxygen

left lower lobe appears hazy. also an element of effusion. considering the TLC, it could be pneumonia. what antibiotics have been started

bacterial seasonal pneumonia give following treatment inj ceftrioxone 1 gm for 3 day inj amikacin 500 for 3 day.. tab amoxy clav 625 bd tab levocet + montelukast 1 in morning tab omnacortil 10 bd tab calpol sos sy asthalin.

bilateral cp angle blunting with tlc raise definitely there is infection itiology but sir we could not seen the cxr because of low brightness of cxt? its may be pneumothorax

inj.levofloxicin 500 mg iv od for 5 days inj. piperacilin tazobactum 4.5 gm iv bid for 5 days, tab.fexofenadine+ montulekast for 10 days

TLC is also rise 16300 ,i started inj cftriaxone+Tazobactum 1gm bd along with Amikacin 500 .tab azithromycin500 od is it correct ?

@dr. Bharat govindalal. I'm physiotherapist.. I don't know the full form of TLC plz can u explain..

Yes definitely sir because site of pain is also rt lower

treat.as pneumonia dr anil n drm darzi ia correct.

agreed but cardiomegaly deosnt cuase pain fever

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