30 years male having dry cough since 1 month..... subsides with oral medicines again starts, known case of smoker since 5 years. Treated with T.Amoxycillin&clavunic acid,T.Levocet-M, T.Omnacortil , codein CBC,CXR,SPUTUM AFB,MONTOUX tests done & posted above ... what are the findings and suggestive management. .....?

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every time we should not think same thing , being a chronic smoker we should do HRCT thorax to rule out bc , because cough might be allarming symptoms. otherwise we should treat as a chronic bronchitis , pls give proper H/0 regarding fever, wt loss, haemoptysis, sputum colour, blnss. , we should not start AKT without solid evidence , but we sholud treat with atypical coverage with strong gram +ve coverage with bronchodilator and anti inflammory medicine with n - acetyl cystine effervest tab , orallly as well as inhalaition. treat as early COPD PT.


Get HRCT chest to look out if he has Pulmonary Kochs Vs Malignancy Vs Emphysema Vs Bronchiectasis. Other most common cause of dry cough is GERD.

Hi it's non tubercular don't hurry to start ATT. get spirometry done , ask to quit smoking, check weather is he on ACE inhibitors . Is his cough is productive, or spasmodic .. Cough can be presenting feature of asthma ..

doesnt look like Koch's ,stop smoking,diphenylhydeamine syp,pantaprazole,and levocetrizne may help,antibiotics not needed

my full comment has not gone through.. 1-Ensure patient is not on ACE Inhibitors.. 2-Rule out UTI... 3-Tab. Noworm 400 mg stat to eliminate probable larva migrans... 4-cessation of smoking.

smoker's cough.. stop smoking first.. then give following treatment.. tab lukotas 3d od tab deflazacort(6) bd sy. piriton cs. if fever then give tab cefuroxime 250 bd

5. Tab. Monteleukast 10 mg for 2 weeks/Tab. Azithromycin 500 mg OD for 5-7pm days/Syp. Reswas 2 tsf TDS for a week/Steam inhalation or Betadine gargle... that should suffice.

I agree with bhagirath sir. I have seen one pt with dry cough since 1 month, after few days it launched into ca of lungs he died within 15 days. so please don't underestimate presentation is different and diagnosis may be different. nowadays nature of diseases is very difficult to understand. so let pt go through every diagnostic method. not think of affordability of pt

in most of cases chronic cough:: expt PulTB:: rule out, Stress, CVS disorder:

normal xray .can't see the CBC report clearly how much is the eosinophilic count if more treat give Tab Banocide forte 1-1 for 15 days

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