### 30 years old man has been suffering from such skin lesions since 1 year. Took medicines as shown below in photos and prescription but again the lesions reappeared a few days ago. Itching is present and there's no family history. No history of multiple sex partners. What should be the further management ???

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?TENIA CORPORIS et CRURIS .. ?TENIA INCOGNITO.. RX.. Itraconazole 100mg OD x month..there after review for further management .. Antihistaminics Levocetirizine/Bepotastine.. Clotrimozole dusting powder.. Overall good health and hygiene.. Time to time follow up with experts opinion..

WC&Tnx Dr Shofique Anowar

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Tinea corporis with cruris Since it is recalcitrant Start itraconazole 200mg OD for 1mth. Luliconazole OD application for 1mth. Avoid steroid topical application Clotrimazole dusting powder appl twice daily Kz soap for bathing

Itraconazole 200 mg od Flucozone 150 mg weekly. Ibugesic plus TDS. Atarex 25 mg BD. Keto soap and clotrimazole powder for keeping area clean and dry covered by sterilize gauge. Clean affected area with diluted betadin lotion and apply lulliconazole Fusidine oint in 3:1 ratio BD. Sulphur 2% oint locally EOD. Maintain nutrition hydration and hygiene. Clothes and lilen wash in boiling water with soap and dry in strong sunlight and ironed. Cefriaxon 500 mg BD for 5 days can be helpful.

Thanks Dr Shofique Anower.

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Tinea corporis with cruris with Secondary infection Cap itraconazole 200mg BD x 7 days then OD x 3 wks Tab Atarax 25 BD x 10 days Cap doxy 100 mg BD x 15 days Luliconazloe lotion Terbinaforce cream Keto soap Flucos dusting powder Maintain personal hygiene Improve general body health Intake Plenty of more water

Tinea corporis Tab Terbenafine 250mg OD×4weeks Tab Flucanazole 150mg once in a week×8 Tab Levocetrizine5 mg BD×3weeks Luliconazole oint to apply locally Bath with Ketoconazole soap Maintain personal hygiene

Tinea corporis n Tinea Cruris terbinafine orally 250 mg od n topically , for 4 weeks , tab fluconzole 400 mg weekly n levocit , candid dusting powder , maintain personal hygiene

It's a case of tinea cruris alongwith secondary infection.systemic antifungal drugs needs to be started asap.

Tinea corporis with secondary infection Itraconazole 200mg bd for 7 days, Fluka 150 od for 7 days, Atarax 25 bd topical luliconazole, maintain hygiene

Tinea corporis

Herpes genetalis, Acyclovir 400 mg tid two weeks, herperax oint, zinc

Are you sure it's Herpes ???
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