30 yrs old male ..complains of problem while swallowing ..Rx de no history of pain no medical history.. no smoking or tobacco chewer ..



It's leukoplakia to be excised completely, HPE examination and then regular follow up

Seems to be oral papilloma Advise excision all biosy

Biopsy !!

Papilloma, treatment - surgical excision

Verrucous growth,ad biopsy

Advise ENT consultation and OPG


I agree

Clove like appearance of the lesion s/o Pappiloma.

Clove like appearance of the lesion s/o papilloma Advice biopsy of lesion and HPV test

I agree

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Verrucous growth is visible Dysphagia cud be related to this or may be seperate entity Advice biopsy to rule out throat cancer and metastasis Chek lymph nodes tender and or palpable

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