5 yo girl child brought by mother with co sudden fall on ground with up rolling of eyes for abt 10 min with loss of conciousness for 30min . After regaining the conciousness not talking up to 30-40 min. Ho similar complaints 2 times previously but parents neglected to go hospital . No ho fever . Rbs 100 mg Management?


Ecg is normal for her age Pt might hv seizure disorder Need EEG & CT BRAIN
Thank you sir...wht abt t inversions in v2,3 nd q wave in v456?

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Need details history of the event . It looks like absent seizure do eeg ,in this scenario radio imaziging is essential to rule out sol .so MRI brain is best option because ct will not so helpfully and hazardous. If history is strong enough acd can start with oxcabazepine . For anaemia see spleen palpable or not .Thalassemia minor should be keep in mind .iron defi 2nd dd hb electrophoresis and ferrinin level is 1st line rational investigation
Childhood absence epilepsy (CAE), also known as pyknolepsy, is an idiopathic generalized epilepsy which occurs in otherwise normal children. The age of onset is between 4–10 years with peak age between 5–7 years. ... The absence seizures of CAE involve abrupt and severe impairment of consciousness.
Seizure disorder(epilepsy)EEG, CT brain. ECG also showing??LVH.along with t inversion, q wave in 4 5 6,Cardiologist can give answers. ??Any Kawasaki disease.
ECG normal.Persistent juvenile pattern that's why T invert inV1 to V3.It could be case of Epilepsy. Go for EEG and CT head
Tachycardia t wave inverted inv1 &v3 lvh 2 decho then decide vasovagal syncope tachycardia ischemia cardiac pathology
What is the developmental history and birth history along with family history of chil? Wat was the semiology of seizure?
Aneamia(microcytic, hypochromic - iron deficiency) could be the cause, do transfusion of blood , eeg,, 2d - echo.
Epilepsy.needs work up.EEG.MRI brain.prophylactic anti epileptic carbamazepine till diagnosis is made
Right Ventricular Hypertrophy.....with Seizure disorder....EEG... Congenital heart disease 2D echo
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