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31yrs male non smoker non alcoholic non tabacco consumer with GERD since 6months. Taking on & off medications. Not relieved much. Had sore throat 15 days back. No fever. No Cough. Is this Chronic pharyngitis due to reflux or ? Pharyngeal Carcinoma..? Can chronic GERD causes Pharyngeal Carcinoma?? Which is the investigation of choice to diagnose Pharyngeal Carcinoma? Patient to be referred to which faculty? Oncosurgeon? Gastrosurgeon? Gastrophysician? Clinical Diagnosis?

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Hypertrophied submucous lymphoid tissue of pharynx. May be because of GERD Chronic sinusitis with post nasal drip should be excluded. Oesophageal pressure studies, Barium swallow oesophagus to confirm and quantify GERD. Long term PPI and prokinetics like domperidone and Itopride.

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