32yrs/male,sudden onset of swelling on rt knee,no hx of trauma,swelling is fluctuating in nature -subsides with tab diclo para tab wysolon 5mg bd -tapering tab azi500mg 3days needed investigation dx and rx the above given medicines r right or not?



First a proper diagnosis specially before starting wysolone most likely D/D inflammatiommatory (RA OR Increased uric acid) or have to rule out Infective (TB) parhology. CBC ESR RA FACTOR URIC ACID AND KNEE ASPIRATE & XRAY for the time being can give RICE Therapy.

I wouldn't advise steroids without diagnosing the condition. take a full blood work cbc, esr, crp, ra factor, uric acid, BT CT and serology. advise x rays to r/o bony involvement. further investigations like MRI may be warranted

Did u rule out hemophilia ?

steroid should not be used without prior dx. .

Do not agree with Wysolon

Rheumatoid arthritis with effusion, advised cytology of effusion, antibiotics & anti inflammatory.

get proper investigations first to confirm the diagnosis..needs aspiration and send for culture and sensitivity,biochemistry and microbiology examination. Also may need MRI of knee..Avoid using wysolone or any steroids before confirming diagnosis

please get xray. cbc ra factor s uric acid.rule out haemophilia.come to a diagnosis and aspirate. send for analysis. no steroids.

full work up then only mx .. may need aspirations of fluid and synovial fluid examination of great help in diagnosing..

Aspiration should be done first if fluctuation present and proceed

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