FNA Biopsy (Cytology)

33/Female Patient presented to Pathology Deptt. With superficial diffuse swelling in the left axillary region meas. 2.5x1.8 cms, Tender on palpation. Another swelling present 3 cms below it with discharging sinus. Touch /Imprint smear made. And FNAC performed from the above swelling. Diagnosis please?



Necrotising granuloma. Mixed inflammatory exudate.. lymphoplasmacytic.. neutrophilic.. Many foamy.. cyst macrophages Some oval to round cells with central and eccentric nucleus.. few plasmacytoid and binucleate... are noted. Dd. Granulomatous mastitis involving axillary tail of breast... Cystic neutrophilic granulomatous mastitis...involving axillary tail of breast(CNGM) Granulomatous lymphadenitis Granulomatous panniculitis(Weber Christian s disease) Organising hidradenitis suppurativa. Sug. Clinico imaging correlation Zn smear.. Cbnaat Open bx.. for etiologic diagnosis

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granulomatous inflammation. Being a tender, axillary lesion with discharging sinus the probability of hidradenitis suppurativa may be considered

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Mixed inflammatory exudate with predominant neutrophils with macrophages, multinucleate giant cells. s/o chronic relapsing suppurative inflammation. Negative for malignancy. Favors Hidradenitis suppurativa

?Hidradenitis suppurativa

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