Tennis elbow

33 years old male patient,came to clinic, complaining about  pain in his left arm since 15 days,  no associated history for trauma, fall, lifting heavy weight, any sort of compression on hand for long time, etc.  on being asked about the location of pain, he points toward his left lateral epicondyle region. He says, it's even difficult to drive his car and feels pain on gripping something. Not relieved by taking Diclofenac, Oxalgin gel,etc. Never had anything like this before. No H/o D.M., H.T. Vitals are stable Other systems within normal limits Local examination: No swelling No temperature changes Pulsations intact Sensations intact Tenderness present on lateral epicondyle extension and supination (with discomfort). X ray left elbow advised Provisional diagnosis : Tennis elbow Management : REST, ICE PACK, PAINKILLERS, STRAP. Any other interventions required?



Steroid injection

Thank you doctor