33 yrs male patient labourer by occupation presented with left sided weakness o/e bp was130/80cvs s1s2 heated mourners audible CT scan brain attached,what are the causes of stroke in young.other systems normal


Ischemic infarction Rt MCA posterior division. Young stroke. Suggest cardiac evaluation , blood work up all routein bio chemistry, screening for vasculitis including VDRL & hepatitis profile, HIV , test for thrombophilia, fasting homocystein, serum lactic acid. IF cardiac evaluation shows embolic stroke & then, No need for vasculitis screening & other investigations. Treat with acute stroke regimen & if embolic start with anticoagulation

Right MCA infarct with mass effect. Cause in young adults are such as arterial dissection, vasculitis, cerebral vein thrombosis and moya-moya syndrome.

Infarct in Rt MCA territory... D/d Thrombophilias Vasculitis Isolated angiitis of the central nervous system, heritable disorders of connective tissue and other genetically determined disorders (mitochondrial cytopathies, CA-DASIL) account for a small proportion of ischaemic strokes in the young.

As you said young male Audible murmur Poor socio economic status labourer It infarct of RT MCA territory Dd 1 are valvular involvement in undiagnosed RHD with cardio embolism 2 vasculitis 3 atherosclerosis 4 thrombophilia Most probably is RHD with valvular involvement with cardio embolism

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Case of young ischemic stroke Mc cause is cardioembolic stroke CVT Hypercoagulable state Vasculitis Infection -HIV , tuberculosis, Sickle cell disease

Rt. MCA infarction with mass effect. Young stroke . Suggest Cardiac evaluation.

Extracranial arterial dissection, cardioembolism, premature atherosclerosis, haematological and immunological disorders and migraine.


Big Temporo parietal MCA INFARCT, Anticoagulant heparin followed by VKA. Transesophageal echo

Subdural hematoma with mid line shifting.surgical intervention may be needed.

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