Management of Psychosomatic disorders through Ayurveda:

Psychosomatic medicine emphasizes the unity of mind and body and the interaction between them. Overall, the conviction is that psychological factors are important in the development of all diseases; either the role is in the initiation, progression, aggravation or exacerbation of a disease, or in the predisposition or reaction to a disease. Here we described the various treatments which are given in Ayurveda for psychic, somatic and psychosomatic disorders All sensation of pain (psychic and somatic) cease to exist in the state of Yoga (union with the self) or with various exercise regimen) and Moksha emancipation). 22 In the event of vitiated doshas (somatic and psychic) brought forth by Snehana (oleation) and Swedana (fomentation) therapies, a physician should administer those five elimination therapies-Panchakarma i.e. (Vaman- therapeutic emesis, Virechana-therapeutic purgation, Vasti- medicated enemas, and Rakatamokshan-bloodletting) paying due regard to the dose and time. 23 Besides the above Panchakarma, in Ayurveda the following six Up-karmas have been also described as six method of treatment of diseases as Brimhana (promotion growth or encouraging plumpiness, Langhana (effectives reduction), Snehana (increasing the fat contents of the body.), Rukshana (promoting dryness or removal of the fatness), Svedana (promoting the sweating) and Sthambhana (promoting contraction). Charaka further emphasized the person who know above Upkarmas is real physician. @#cap Admin Ayurveda



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