Itching plus redness

60year old non Diabetic, non hypertensive... Complaint of moderate to severe itching on left leg, groin.. He has itching from past 3 months for which he had taken various medicines from gen practitioners.. He was given fluconazole for 1 month, Prednisolone, moisturizer etc etc.. but no relief.. KOH was done from the lesson which showed negative for fungal hyphae (yeast wasn't ruled out).. kindly give the DD n treatment..

This is looking atopic dermititis Rx lobate-s oint twice daily Tab fexofenadine180mg 1od Review every fortnightly Adv moisturisers frequently
Apparently Atopic dermatitis Foristal1bd Ointment betamethasoneGM locally
Atopic dermatitis
Doxy100 tab atarax b d for fib days
? neurodermatitis,?LSC
@ tinea infection
KOH is negative mam
Dermatitis sulph

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