Please guide me the treatment plan Pt age 37 No h/o tablet taking No diabetic pt

Its inflammatory gingival enlargement .Rx-scaling,post prophylaxis antibiotic coverage nd chlorhex mouth wash re evaluation after 3 weeks if PPD >5mm open flap debridement prefrebly modified widman procedure wil take care of residual enlargement if any also advise an opg
Case of periodontitis, Step 1 medical history (pregnancy) Step 2 Scaling and root planing, deep sugingival Scaling will help, Step 3 making patient understand need of mechanical plaque control by regular twice @ brushing and interdenntal brush. Step 4 Make sure patient is following the instruction of plaque control, Step 5 follow up and assessment of regression of inflammation and pocket, if required can do 2nd round of Scaling as deposits will become visible due to regression of swelling. Step 6 if no result or partial result refer case for further management by flap surgery.
Scalling annd root planing Tab.ciplox for 5 days Tab.auroflor Tab.omez Hexidine mouth wash....tds After 5 days gingival enlargement will not reduce than Gingivectomy.
Deep scaling and advice OPG to see if bone loss and pockets. Advice mouth rinse and topical metro and chlorhexidine gel. Follow up visits to evaluate if flap surgery is necessary.
Advice opg as dr.narayan sir check periodontum......scaling and root planning follwed by gingivectomy i.r.t. 42 43 if needed......
Thanks sir
Looks like .... this is a case of Periodontitis, thorough oral prophylaxis and follow up.... no further medication needed
Yes it is....due to obvious cause... heavy cal+++....

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Thorough oral prophylaxis with gingivecctomy
The pic reveals... calculus deposits and try to use cheek retractor doc... looks like periodontitis.. should see the condition of tooth i mean mobility and whether the deposits and condition of gingiva is same in all teeth... through oral prophlaxis and hexidine mouth wash and advice opg to rule out periodontal condition
Exactly...not clear Localised or Generalized..involvement but surely localised flap....
Pls follow the order for good result Normal scaling and gingivectomy Oral health instruction Opg Check pocket depth clinically
Case of chronic periodontitis..adv oral prophylaxis ..antibiotic coverage ..gumpaint application ...chx mouthwash rinses...
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