34yrs male .reddish rash over face limbs since 3 days. Fever with mild chills since morning CBC done today shows Hb 13 TC 7000 P.C 124000 plz dd and rx

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Differential diagnosis of Fever with rash: Varicella, Scarlet fever, Measles, Typhus fever, Dengue and Enteric fever, Chikungunya fever. Platelet count is on the lower side, so think of arbovirus disease. Do check NS1 antigen and daily platelet count monitoring. Treatmeant : Tab Paracetamol for fever. Treatmeant is symptomatic.

Widal test does not carry any meaning in first week of fever.


It seems to be urticarial rash common in malarial fever,get mp&Dengue Ns1 done,for time being paracetamol for fever and anti histamine for urticaria


mp widal urine r&m till calpol and cetriz


agree with Arnab Sir

Urticaria vasculitis is a possibility. Check if it Persists for more than a day by marking it

rash +fever could be due to typhoid, malaria, dengue.. Firstly get an ns1 antigen test done., test for malarial parasite and Widal.

Widal, PS for MP, QBC, Urine routine micro, Dengue IgM

Why do u want to advise Widal in first week of fever Dr Phoram? Widal test is always done and should be done in 2nd week of fever. We send blood culture in first week of fever for ruling out Enteric fever.

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