35/Male with history of itching over the foot developed Rashes in the foot Treatment



ALLERGIC CONTACT DERMATITIS.. OCCUPATIONAL DERMATITIS.. RX.. *Avoid exposure to allergen pollution dust *Always wash your feet with cold and clean water is effective and keep it dry and clean *Use of moisturisers is effective and useful.. *Antihistaminics Levocetirizine/Bepotastine for itching is effective and useful.. *Topically antiseptic antiallergic ointment at night time is effective and useful.. *Overall health improvements always better with multivitamins antioxidants &good hygiene..

Tnx a lot Dr Ashok Leel sir

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ACD Levocet 5mg BD. Tapering dose of steroid. Clean area with diluted betadin lotion and apply calamine lotion then lobate s oint locally. Sulphur 2%oint locally biweekly. Multi vitamins and antioxidants orally. Remove irritants or contact causes allergy. Improve general health and personal hygiene. Keep area clean and moisturize and covered with sterilize gauge.

Thanks Dr Kute Ankush.

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Allergic contact darmatitis. Wash with NS Betadine Soln. Clobetasol+Salicylic acid ointment to apply locally. Moisturizer. Tab Levocetrizine5 mg BD×3weeks. Short course of Corticosteroid may be helpful. Maintain personal hygiene.

Thanks Dr Amitabha Dasgupta

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Acute contact dermatitis. Find out the irritant. Clean with iodine.. levocitrazine. Antibiotics.alternate use of coconut oil and fusidi

Thank you doctor

Allergic contact dermatitis

Allergic contact dermatitis

Allergic contact dermatitis

Thanks Dr Abdul Mageed


Allergic dermatitis

Contact dermatitis

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