35 year patient no any complain suggest diagnosis treatment plan??



May be candidiasis

∆'s- Black hairy tongue or hairy leukoplakia. T/t- Treatment can proceed as stoppage of the habit if he is a smoker. Scraping of the tongue. Keeping the mouth clean by cleaning it with rinses and mouthwashes like Na2CO3 mouthwashes. Taking some vitamins or becosules capsules for the nutritional deficiencies if any. Avoiding hot and spicy food items. For confirmation go for ELISA or Western blot seeing the symptoms accordingly.. Medications may include antiviral therapy or antiviral medications if the underlying cause is HIV.

Hairy leukoplakia. Antiviral medication and oral hygiene maintenance.

Hairy leukoplakia Antiviral therapy Patches may be removed using a scalpel, a laser or an extremely cold probe that freezes and destroys cancer cells (cryoprobe). Follow-up visits to check the area

Why antiviral theray in this situation?can u explain pliz...I want to know just for knowledge...thankful to u sir

Hairy tongue, ask pt for biopsy to confirm it

Hairy leukoplakia . A biopsy will be helpful. Zinc, multivitamins, vitamin C supplements will help

Black hairy tongue .Treat with Iron + Zinv

hairy tongue

Hairy leukoplakia Biopsy.

It is most probably hairy tongue and require no treatment.just give oral hygiene instructions to patient. It might be leukoplakia of tongue.To confirm please take biopsy.

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