35 yr/F, recurrent soft tissue lesion with attached skin at abdomen, grossly 12×7×4 cm

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DFSP. DD.fibrosarcoma. mfh. hem.

Desmoid tumor low grade fibrosarcoma.

Spindle cell tumor D/d..Low grade fibrosarcoma Dfsp Swami plastic fibroma

Low grade fibrosarcoma DFSP Desmoid tumor

Desmoid fibromatosis

Benign spindle cell tumour

D/D.1.Fibrosarcoma 2.DFSP 3.MFH 4.Dedifferentiated Liposarcoma 5. Rhabdomyosarcoma 6.Leiomyosarcoma 7.Deep Abdominal Fibromatosis 8.Desmoplastic fibroma However,clinical evaluation and IHC/ molecular/cytogenetics for needful.

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Desmoid tumour

D/d--DFSP Fibrosarcoma

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