35 yr male having intense itching and lesions spreads since 15days.w hat is diagnosis and rx



Taenia cruris Anti fungal tab too applic

Tinea Cruris. ...sepia 200 single dose with tellurim 30 tds should do

It appears to be extensive Tinea cruris, a dermatophytosis. Management : 1) Personal hygiene. 2) Topical application of Cotrimazole, Terbinafin, Ketoconazole or Miconazole BD till clinical cure occurs and continue for another 2 - 3 weeks. 3) Ketoconazole soap. 4) Cotrimazole or Fluconazole dusting powder. 5) T. Terbinafin 250 mg OD for 2-4 week Or T. Fluconazole 150 mg once a week for 4 weeks Or T. Itraconazole 100 mg BD. 6) Antihistamines if required.

Diagnosis can be confirmed by skin scraping for KOH.

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tinea cruris ,jock itch

tinea cruris, Micanozole local application for 4 weeks. terbinaforce tab 250mg for 2 weeks

Ayurveda.. dadrumandala hot water wash chakramardhataila e/a trichoderm oint e/a what about digestion??bowels??

tinea cruris. 1.tab.terbest 250 mg od for 2,3 wks. 2.terbinafine oint bd. 3.keto soap. 4.avoid tight cloths 5.tab.triz hs

teania cruris treatment is oral antifungal and locally apply antifungal with mild steroid ointment .if secondary infection suspected then local antibiotics can be usef

extensive taenia with inflammation .start terbinafine oral and topical along with a oral zinc tinosorb dusting powder to avoider moisture if not responding itraconozole 100md and 7 days also other members of family may have same condition so treatment of source of infection is mandatory

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