35 yr, mobile breast lump 2x1cm. FNAC smear for openion please.

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Fibroadenoma .focal epithelial hyperplasia.

Fibroadenoma of breast.

Cellular fibro adenoma

The smears show 3d clusters and sheets of ductal epithelial cells having round to oval huperchromatic nuclei amidst the haemorrhagic background.. Many bare bipolar nuclei also seen. Fibroadenoma breast

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Fibroadenoma with epithelial hyperplasia & atypia. Advised USG, Bx & IHC correlation.

Fibroadenoma breast. Focal epithelial hyperplasia with mild atypia.

Suspicious for malignancy Adv. tru cut biopsy

Fibroadenoma ,focal epithelial hyperplasia.

Fibroadenoma with epithelial hyperplasia

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