35 yr old female presented with acute pain abdomen of 5 hrs duration, not subsiding with analgesics Previous regular cycles, LMP: 4 days back ML: 2 yrs, Nulligravida O/ E: vitals stable PR 90/min, BP: 120/80 mmHg, CVS/ RS: WNL P/A : midline mass palpable up to the level of umbilicus, not mobile, guarding present, BS heard P/S : cervix and vagina healthy, min bleeding + P/V : uterus size could not be made out, firm mass palpable in the anterior fornix,tender and not mobile Her scan and Doppler reports are attached



Overian malignancy

its B/L endometrioma

gynaecologist are the best judge in this case. young patient with ovarian cyst to r/o malignancy

because of her symptoms, its more likely to be torsion of ovarian cyst

Twisted ovarian cyst.....

twisted ovarian cyst laprotomy and excision of cyst

sudden onset of sever abdominal pain since 5 hrs,not responding to analgesics, indicating that, this shocking pain is due to torsion of ovarian cyst, analgesics antiinflamatory and antibiotics should b started immediatly if no response of these drugs, lepratomy is preferable. Ca 125 is also advisable.

twisted ovarian cyst.

?renal colic pl send for usg and x ray kub

Twisted ovarian cyst. Do CA 125, CT pelvis, laprotomy to be done. Send cyst fluid and cyst wall for Hpe

agree. needs urgent laparotomy for twisted ovarian cyst

likely to be twisted ovarian cyst / with endometriosis components

Twisted overion cyst needs laparotomy with removal of cyst ,investigate for malignancy

laparotomy was done. Rt ovarian cyst 15* 12 cm, endometriotic with torsion Rt fallopian tube haemorrhagic, congested left ovarian endometriotic cyst of 5*5 cm haemorrhagic peritoneal fluid of ~200 ml

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