35 yrs/m , c/o painful lesion since 2 days . H/o similar illness in eye thrice in 2 months. H/o pulmonary Koch's many yrs back is present. dx & rx ? thanks.

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At the age of 35 yrs a painful recurrent lesion is most likely nodular sclerosis.It is commonly associated with rheumatoid arthritis .Since there is past history of TB, investigations should also include those of TB.

This is a case of phlyctenular conjunctivitis . This is recurrent phlyctenular conjunctivitis in different location in the same eye in one month period. 2 months back , this pt had phlyctenular conjunctivitis in the other eye .

Phlectenular conjunctivitis, treat with topical steroids, look for hidden active TB, get Sputum for AFB & chest x-ray

Phlyctenular conjuntivites it can occur due to intrinsic allergy to kox must rule out ,treat with antibiotic and steroides as there is a little bit secretion at the canthus drops and pain killer

Phlyctengular conjunctivitis treted by local steroids.

Spelling mistake .It is Nodular scleritis NOT SCLEROSIS

Spelling mistake it is scleritis and not sclerosis

Scleritis treat with steroid drops and anti inflammatory drops. Do a thorough check up to rule out recurrence of TV.

Sorry TB

To add to Dr.Basanth Verma and Dr.E.Ahmed sir, To ruleout TB gene expert Tb and PCR can be advised. RA factor and ASO


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