35 yrs old female c/c hiccups since 3days, prescribed baclofen10, Inj.Metaclopramide.... but relieved after 6 hrs.... Severe persistent Hiccups... Dx and Rx???

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Hiccups? Psychoneurosis ice cream in large quantities. Tab chlorpromazine 50 mg BD . inj phenegan IM + inj metoclopramide IM Examination the Pt when she is sleeping, hiccups is there are not. USG abdomen LFT to know the Blood urea. you have to decide whether any Pathology or Psychological problem?

Diaphragmatic irritation, find out cause & treat. In my personal experience mahapittaghrut stops hiccoughs immediately, kindly consult Ayurvedic Doctor.

hyperacidity uremia??? any h/o tobacco.. dupari.. cholecystitis bowels??.. gaseous distension.. indigestion importantly any medicine ..ocp?..use of steroids or pain killers

No uremia, Renal stones present, No gallstones

commen causes of hiccough r hyperacidity uraemic encephalopathy toxiemia brain lesions roule out d cause by routine investigation treatment diaphragmatic massage ppi prokinetic c/t baclofen mucain gel and rx for other causes like toxaemia with a look at kft

what is the KFT of the patient?

r/o hyponatremia or CNS pathology

It is due to hyperacidity

Uraemia ,gastritis

if renal parameters are normal proceed for upper G.I endoscopy

pantaprozole 20mg bid, liquid mucaine gel 2tsf qid, Tab diazepam 5mg bid, cold milk

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