35 yrs old male please give opinion about collapse in this case



The case seems to be having reticulonodular shadow in the right lung.. Suggesting interstitial lung disease.but the left lung shows multiple cystic shadows with traction and extensive fibrosis.. This looks to be due to a old healed tubercular lesion.. Leading to post tubercular bronchiectasis.. And destroyed left lung.. Treat with antibiotics..With both aerobic and anaerobic coverage.. Postural drainage.. Send sputum for AFB smear and bactec culture and culture and gram stain smear.. HRCT thorax will be of great help for proper delineation of the lesion..

thanku for ur valuable opinion patient is a young male unmarried came in casualty with complaints of acute onset of breathlessness since 4 days.. present at rest.. not a/w haemoptysis n cough..patient is a binge country liquor consumer.. no past relivant medical history intubated last night had thick secretions in Et hb-14.4,tlc-17700,plt-453000 urea creat is wnl Total bilirubin is 1.5

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left lung fibrocystic collapse.. cystic opacities noted in left hemithorax few filled wit fluid.. cystic bronchiectasis of left hemithorax wit underlying collapse shift of trachea mediastinum to left..ryt hemithorax reticulo nodular opacities noted... get a hrct thorax nd spirometry done...

Alcoholism is a risk factor for Pulmonary Tuberculosis/ Hypoglycemia. Left Lung is shrunken with reticular nodular opacities,mediastinal shift to the same side( cause could be traction due to post pulmonary fibrosis or Collapse-Consolidation), there is compensatory hypertrophy of Rt. lung. The right lung has multiple nodular/. opacities of varying sizes with increased B/V markings . Investigations Routine: CBC/hb,rft, electrolytes ,lft,bs, Urinalysis Special:Cxr left Lateral view,USG whole Abdomen, HIV l, ll,PFT,pulse oximetry,Sputum for AFB/ CBNAAT,FOB,BAL,ABG analysis /Blood culture Management: ICU Care/Already intubated / Thorough clinical examination, r/o Rt. sided heart failure as a cause of breathless which is commonly seen in compromised lungs. 1.I/V line with 5% D slow. Assess normal fluid requirement . 2.O2 inhalation 3. Monitoring Vitals 4.Care of bowel, bladder & posture 5. I/ V inj. ceftrioxone I gm. I/V BD/ Deriphylline I Amp slow 8 hourly/ Inj. Rabiprazole 20 mg 6.Avoid hepatotoxic medications . 7.Assess after investigations & manage accordingly. Thanks for posting a good case...

This is Cicatricial Collapse due to fibrosis and Bronchiectasis Changes in the left Lung. There are diffuse Ground Glass Opacities in both lungs suggesting an acute exacerbation of the underlying chronic lung disease.

In alcoholic patient with chronicly compromised lung . Acute onset of breathlessness is commonly due to aspiration pneumonia most likely due to vomiting.. Leading to aspiration... Ct scan will help..

left lung mid and lower zone fibrocystic collapse with shift of trachea and mediastinum towards left....bronchiectasis with left lung collapse possible tubercular origin advice hrct

post tubercular fibrosis with partial collapsey of left lung.it appears there is supp

super added lower respiratory tract

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there is bilateral cocx with cardiomegally also dislocation of left clavicle bone

Reticulanodular lesions st.lung.multple cystic shadows.tuberculosis

K N Poddar sir, please help.

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