35yrs female patient complains of swelling in the palate region. She gave history of trauma a week back followed which she complained of the swelling. Poor oral hygiene. Bedding on probing. Could it be pyogenic granuloma. Is biopsy the first choice. What medication is advised. Kindly share




Opg required.. DD.. Pyogenic granuloma,fribous dysplasia,palatal hematoma

Thank you... I have just uploaded the opg.looks more like pyogenic granuloma.

Peripheral gingival lesion is confusing. So, biopsy is essential.D/D is pyogenic granuloma, irritational fibroma, peripheral ossifying fibroma, peripheral cemento- osseous dysplasia,peripheral gaint cell granuloma, peripheral ameloblastoma.

Pyogenic granuloma Fibrous dysplasia Palatal hematoma Opg Surgical excision Biopsy Antibuotics Anti inflammatory Mouthwash

Check for it's attachment base- pedunculated or wide base... Prov- pyogenic granuloma Diff diag- pgcg, traumatic fibroma.. Besides biopsy -incisional/excisional depending on attachment base-.. Start with antibiotics and anti-inflammatory too because of infection in teeth,, (widened pdl irt 21,22,12,11, and sev bone loss irt 12..

If it was trauma .....palatal haematoma may be possible..... pyogenic granuloma may also be expected....take an opg ....go for scaling and polishing....good luck

It may be squamous cell carcinoma of palate, fibroma , biopsy is must

It could be periapical abscess due to infected tooth I.r.t crown or periodontal abscess due to poor oral hygiene . Plz check for pain on percussion ,sensitivity to hot or cold ,mobility . Start with proper antibiotics and let the swelling subside

Acute exacerbation of chronic periapical lesion due to present trauma...most probably from 22...acess opening all 4 anterior..moxclav 625..

The image shows Generalized POOR condition of gingiva and surrounding structures.. Normal antibiotics is given but whenever biopsy is taken, chances of excessive bleeding are there.. So first let the swelling reduce and then with preparation of controlling bleeding, the further procedure has to be done.

Sure... Thank you.

Pyogenic granuluma??

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