36 days old female child came around 6 pm with the c\o abdominal distension *2 days refusal of feeds * 1 day passage of liquid stools * 2 times since many no h\o fever n\o incessant cry n\o of CRP Ddx???


May be viral Gastroenteritis...manage conservatively

Intestinal obstruction D/d: paralytic ileus Septic ileus Hirshprung disease What about bowel sound?any h/o delayed passage of meconium?Any h/o vomiting? Do NG decompression,NPO,give IVF,check sepsis screen,electrolytes.Take pediatric surgery opinion

Hirschsprung disease

Hirschsprung disease Pneumoperitonium?

Aganglionic psedointestinal obstruction

Necrotising enterocolitis

As age of the baby does not suggest it.

Hirschsprung disease

Gross abdominal distension, max. at distal colon. Can be perforation depending upon physical assessment of child, passage of loose stool s/o? Hirsch rung, incessant cry can be due to gross abd distension. One can go for NCCT abdomen to consider d/disease.. MANAGEMENT_Hospitalisation, decompression of abdomen by putting NG and collections of abdominal as Pera tests, IV antibiotics, pediatric surgeron opinions and IV mild sedation if in NICU

Hirschprung. Rule out sepsis, hypokalemia

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