36 years old male patient presented with features of intestinal obstruction. Gross and microscopic pictures are attached for your valuable opinion.



carcinoid tumour

As the pictures blur on zooming.... on low power, its NHL, low grade (? MALToma). One of the pics shows lots of plasma cells.. Panel of IHC for low grade lymphoma and work up for plasma cell dyscrasia seems required.

poorly differentiated tumour.. DD: 1.poorly diff ca2. lymphoma 3.small cell melanoma advised ihc for ck, CD45,CD5,CD3 ,HMB45,S-100

carcinoid versus lymphoma


Sections showing small round cells with minimal atypia and mitosis... Eosinophilc granular cytoplasm. Most likely small round cell tumour probably carcinoid... Poorely differentiated CA also ruled out IHC needed with clinical correlation

dear dr, gross shows intestinal fragment with a grey while mass in the submucosa. hpe shows nests and sheets of tumor cells with moderate to scant cytoplasm and pleomorphic hyperchromatic nuclei. nuclei features in highpower not much clear whether salt and pepper type . d/d : 1. lymphoma, 2. carcinoid ihc , CD 45, synaptophysin will help

Carcinoid lymphoma

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