left sided sciatica

36Y/ F pt. com. of backache since 3 month (?sciatica) h/o (कारव में पैर फीसल गया था) pain in left side leg pain goes to left side back to ankle c/o numbness on leg n palm of hand < rest,morning (6 to 11am) > motion,warm appli. chilly thirsty spicy desire sweet aversion back on sleep plz Dr. suggest medicine with totality.


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Kalmia 10M early in morning for a week,, Hypricum200 + Arnica 200 two times in a day,, Rhustox 10M at night.. Rhustox Q applied externally...

Rhus Tox 1 M fortnightly

Thuja 200

Arnica along with rhus tox

Arnica 1M will be effective remedy.

Ivory poison 1M 3doses at 15 minutes interval at bed time and ask the patient to wear limb sacral belt , Xray Spine AP, Lateral view to be done the extent of injury effects

Think of Colocynthis or Gnaphalium since there's a numbness and pain

Arnica 200, colocynth,rhus tox 30


Arnica Mont.200 Magnum mur 30

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