37 M, PBF picture as shown, probable diagnosis?

37/Male, TLC markedly raised. PBF picture as shown, probable diagnosis?



Many blasts.. with some distinct hand mirror cells.. smudge cells and few lymphoid cells. Platelets.. appear diminished.. Acute leukaemia... likely ALL. Suggested.. Clinical correlation Bone marrow study Immunophenotyping.. FCM.. and cytogenetic studies.. for final diagnosis.

Blasts present Acute Leukemia IHC Required for further typing

Acute leukaemia. ALL, L3

Looks Acute Leukemia ? ALL Adv: BMA and FCM

Acute leukaemia (AML?)

Lymphoma dissemination/ CLL

Acute leukaemia D/D ALL, AML MO

Acute leukaemia

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