37 y/o male who refers work and stay most of the time on the street, presents rhinitis, conjunctival hyperemia in both eyes but there is pain and light sensitivity also white-green discharge in the right eye which could be the Dx and Tx to follow? ophthalmologists pls help



Looks like bacterial conjunctivitis esp if there is purulent discharge. But looking at the circumcorneal congestion an keratitis/iritis component cant be ruled out. Needs a detailed slit lamp evaluation Treatment 1. Topical antibiotic 2. Topical lubrication 3. Ocular hygeine

Pain and light sensitivity are not associated with plain conjunctivitis. Rhinitis and may be fever if associated may point to pharyngo conjunctival fever. Adenoviral keratoviral conjuntivitis is most likely. Antibiotic eye drops and oint at night ,frequent eye lubricants besides oral aniallergic and vitamin C should suffice. Corneal lesions which are likely should be regularly followed up

This appears to be PCF; apart from topical antibiotic-steroid drops, a mild mydriatic is desirable, since it proves the presence or absence of anterior uveitis

Bacterial Conjunctivitis... Kertitis should be ruled out... Also Pls note if patient have DACROCYSTITIS... IF SO U MUST TREAT IT... TAKE ENT OPINION.. IF SO... RX Moxifloxacin plus ketorolac eyrdrops 2 drops qid Natural tears 2 drops qid Tab.Levoflox 500mg 1od for 5 days Tab.Fexofenidine Hcl 180mg 1od at night.. Advice proper hygiene practise...

Why oral antibiotic in conjunctivitis?

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Picture is unclear.From what I could deduce is that there is circum corneal congestion and forniceal congestion is less,suggesting iritis component.Bilaterality,assosiated with rhinitis is in favour of conjunctivitis(allergic or bacterial depending on discharge),picture of whole eye with wide open palpebral aperture would help.

Looks like conjunctivitis mostly viral due to adeno virus It can have multiple presentations and mostly involves other eye in few days. Pt will have lot of irritation and foreign body sensation It can involve cornea also which is more painful There are many adenovirus strains with multiple presentations and severity. If cornea not involved start steroids and hrly lubrication preservative free and double strength. Explain to the patient tht it will take 2 weeks to resolve and it's highly contagious.. They can use cold compresses for pain relief ..

Bacterial conjunctivitis. ( The 1st image looks patient has even trichiasis). Generally bacterial conjunctivitis is self limiting within 10 days. Proper hygiene. Hand washing. Topical antibiotics for 5 days.

Lubricants can be added as supportive tx

Viral conjunctivitis treatment moxifloxanin plain eyes drops QD 5 days and lubricants eyes drops QD 5 days and Antihistamines eyes drops QD 5 days and don't work eyes like concentration work in eyes 7days and eyes protection black googles need to cover the eyes of dust particles and light and UV radiation... Clean the eyes regularly distilled water and stay 7days at home

it is obviously conjunctivitis. .. as discharge is not mucopurulent .... it seems allergic /viral conjunctivitis. .. start topical antibiotic with dexamth drops.. lubricating eye drop....eye

Viral conjunctivitis both eyes with superadded bacterial infection in right eye.Only requires topical antibiotics & oral nsaids & dark glasses.

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