37 year male presented with severe acne. This condition starts

37 year male presented with severe acne. This condition starts 2 months ago. And acne increases in no since then. He gives previous history of such lesions as well. He denies use of any cosmetic product. What is the management for this case?



Acne Rosacea ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Acne vulgaris and acne rosacea are two commonly confused skin conditions. The major differences between acne and rosacea:------ ●Age. The majority of individuals experiencing acne vulgaris are teens and young adults. Rosacea typically appears in patients 30 and older. ●Affected area. It is common for acne vulgaris to appear in a number of areas including the face, back, shoulders, arms, and buttocks. Rosacea usually only affects the face. Most notably the T-zone and cheeks. ●Blemish type. Unlike acne vulgaris, the pimples in rosacea do not develop into comedones (white/blackheads) or pimples. Instead they appear as surface redness or raised red spots. ●Ocular symptoms. Rosecea can also cause eye problem, such as eyelid irritation and a gritty feeling in the eyes. No case history provided hence apply Berberis Aquifolium Q for external application. Calc.Sulph 6x.

Acne vulgaris, Avoid oily and junc food Avoid touching Avoid any cosmetic or soap Regulat diatery habits add roughage,and fibrus food Early sleeping and early rising habit should be mentain Kali brom, ant crud,cal phos External callendula Q apply locally

Thanku Sir.

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Sir its Acne vulgaris wd d papulo pustule and small cystic like lession. Its closed to comedones . Sir acne vulgaris is common cause in adolescent age due to hypersecretion of male hormone, p. Acne bacteria infection,stress constipation, excessive taking of non veg, masala, chat pakodas etc. Tt. Althrocin 500 mg tab 1bd 3 to 7 days aft meal Rcool dsr cap 1bd bfr meal 3 to 7 days Unienzyme tab 1bd aft meal Isabgol husk every night aft meal wd luke warm water. Face wash wd benzoil peroxide Apply calamine lotion or otherwise u can suggest d retinods cream. And also Avoid d all aggravated cause of acne vulgaris.

Don't expect pts to speak the truth....They are unaware and can misguide you.99% are under anxiety & mental stress....This or is having NODULOCYSTIC ACNE....* PYODERMA Give Nux 10m... High life...Highstrung excesses...Nightwatching..Oily shiny skin..rule out SAPHO Synd..,Hormone TFTimbalance LFT Lipids HbA1c USG - Abd Pelv Adv. LSM...3m Put him on a bland veg diet with strict restriction on the 3 whites JUNK and bakery....AVOID SOAP

Acne vulgaris

Acne vulgaris Eukroma Evion

I agree with the management advised by @Dr. Yogesh Jatav @Dr. Geetha Bettadaraya @Dr. Nirmal Sharma sir.... Along with this management you can go with Jalokavacharan on alternate day.... It will add the charm to the management.... Waiting for the experts opinion from @Dr. Niranjan Ram @Dr. Shukla Vikram @Dr. Surbala Badgaiyan ma'am

Dear Dr.Hemant Adhikari, In this case first do vaman and then shaman chikitsha.

Acne rodacea


Acne is curable with general management and with homoeopathy medicine. * Wash face regularly after exposure to dirt. * Take plenty of water (ie) in 2:1 ratio. ( 20kg of weight required 1ltr of water) * Avoid oily foods,junkfoods * Avoid constipation. * Consume fibre rich vegetables and fruits * Don't disturb the erruptions by any means using nails , rubbing, poking ,pinching. * Apply coconut oil to avoid scars. * Avoid any creams or lotions or ointments. * Avoid brooding of thoughts and longings in life * Avoid using soaps. Homoeopathic remedy can be given based on proper case study.

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