37 year male presenting in ER with palpitations ..diagnosis & management?



agree with doctor farhan but see vitals before starting with amiodarone

Non sustained VT. treat with inj amiodarone.bolus then infusion. routine lab test with electrolytes.

I feel VT is a shockable rythum

It's Ventricular tachycardia See the vitals, if Blood pressure Is normal then treatment with Medical management inj Amiodarone 15 mg/kg Inj average weight pt 900 mg Out of 900 mg 300mg iv stat followed by 600 mg in 1pint NS over 12 hrs If vitals are not stable then immediately do the cardioversion starting with DC shock of 150 joules

It's Ventricular tachycardia If vitals are stable then medical management with Inj Amiodarone 15 mg /kg In average weight patient (60kg) dose will be 900 mg. Out of 900 mg, give 300 mg iv stat followed by 600 mg in 500 ml normal saline over 12 hrs If vitals not stable then immediately do cardioversion starting with 150 joules

See blood pressure If hemodynamically not stable then DC shock the patient If stable then blood for pottasium magnesium And give amiodarone as mentioned above

nonsustained vt,

Diagnosis: Ventricular tachycardia ( non sustained)... Advice: 1. Immediately load the patient with amiodarone 150 mg iv stat followed by an infusion of 450 mg in 50 ml NS iv at 6.2 ml/hr for first 6 hrs followed by 3.1 ml/hr for next 18 hrs.. And then shift the patient to oral Amiodarone 200 mg bd/TDS... 2. Mean while get an electrolyte test done to rule out electrolyte disturbances leading to VT 3. Get an echo done to rule out any structural heart disease 4. Electrophysiological study to find foci of origin

i agreee....


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