39 years male patient comes with history of palpitations,perspiration approximately half hour with spontaneous recovery before 12 hours and this is his ecg ,comment on diagnosis and treatment



Wpw syndrome with. Delta waves. Conduction through bundle of Kent

Seems to be Wpw syndrome type B, short PR interval, wide qrs, delta wave + in v4-v6, secondary ST changes

Look for cardiomyopathy, 2D echo,

Actually how to differentiate between wow syndrome and lbbb? Can both be present at same time?

78 bpm lateral lead show st depression t wave inversion . lat wal ischemia LAD wide qrs

Rate 75/mt, left axis deviation, complete LBBB. T inversion 1 avL

WPW type B LVH.? Old Inferior MI and poor progress of R wave.

LAD WPW syndrome QS in II, avf (pseudoinfarction)

Anterolateral Myocardial infarction withLBBB.

Thanks all friends for their helpful opinions

Conclusion please.

LAD, lBBB, lateral myocardial infarction

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