39year old female recurrent swelling at different parts of face.some time upper lip,forebears, eyes,lower lip suggest treatment .she has severe acidity attack like pain in stomach,headache,coughing.



Its Angioneuritic edema. First R/o the underlying cause which precipitated it.. So that it can be prevented. Look for signs of Airway obstruction. Look for Tongue swelling, Laryngeal edema. Inj.Dexamethasone 8mg IV Stat Inj.Avil 1amp IV stat(if urticaria+) Observation till it resolves. Check BP as in Hypersensitivity BP may fall. If BP low start IV fluids NS Plenty of oral fluids Tab.Levocetrizine 10mg H/s for 5 days. Treat acidity/Avoid analgesics.

This is probably a drug induced urticaria. As the patient has Hyperacidity, she should be treated with pantoperazole 40 mg BD before meals and cetirizine 10 mg OD along with Methyl prednisolone 4mg 1BD and fexofenadine 120 mg at bedtime. Do investigate by history about the offending agent causing allergy and continue pantoperazole OD for a few weeks

what is the duration of illness of recurrent swelling and severe acidity attack any ho medication and it's association with mentioned complaints may be side effects of analgesic and ranitidine used for her complaints or it may be urticaria TT give fexofenadine 180 mg HS

is any hxof lipstick application?? angio edema inj avil inj dexona cetriz deworming tapering dose of steroid for long duration dietic control four frequent small diet no chilly fried food care of constipation tab rain on empty stomach

angioedema, May recur, look out for precipitating causes like food allergies, chronic infections. treat with levocet, deflezocart, olapatidine. if chronic treat with foristal, hapasulfol aa

The present episode appears to be angioneurotic oedema, if so it responds to antihistamines and small dose of steroids. But the differential diagnosis is labial abscess.

Angioedema due to allergies from any food substance or chemical reaction Atarex BD Fexofenadine OD HS Cyproheptadine BD Albendezole single dose for deworming

angionuretic oedema.agree with dr.Mohammed.but because of recurrency -complement study and allergic tests shuold b done

Angiimoneurotic odema

ANE! Antihistaminics

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