Shoulder Weakness?

MRI of the previous case Management & line of treatment. Please check the video linked with the history of this case in the previous post.



Needs detailed myotome and dermatome assessment , keep MMT scores diligently.. if score of less than 3 on any myotome ( apparently shoulder abduction C5 in this case) and it is not due to pain , needs urgent orthopaedic and neurological opinion... If disc bulge causing nerve compression to the extent causing muscle weakness then better to consider if surgical procedure may help...
Presenting symptoms are due to cervical scoliosis...MRI Brain angio also will help to rule out vertebrae basillary insufficiency & brachio plexus palsy. For cervical scoliosis...In conservative treatment... Inj.Dexa 8 mg to reduce inflammation.. IV.Dynapar AQ + 100 ml NS...BD Traction SOS. Further treatment protocol can be decided after above mentioned investigation
Thank you doctor
Video shows significant weakness of left upper limb **Movements are not coordinated **EMG to rule out muscle involvement **MMT to see muscles strength **Neurologist opinion should be taken
Cervical scoliosis with cervical spondylosis present Disc bulging at C6-7 Analgesic Muscle relaxant Physio needed
Please take a look at the video attached to the previous case history
Compressive load on C4-C5 & C5- C6 caused nerve roots opened. Degenerative changes of vertebra and discs. Cervical scloliosis with cervicall spondylisis. Refer to. Physiotherepist for exercise.
Physiotherapy apply