Swelling in the left posterior mandible

61 yr old female presented with a chief complaint of a swelling in the left posterior mandible involving teeth 35-37 extending buccally and lingually with radiographic findings of mixed radiolucent/radiopaque lesion with sunray appearance. This lesion is reported to be of one year duration and was painless. No numbness was reported but it was displacing teeth 36 & 37. The lesion was expansile and was described to be 3 X 3 cm in size.

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P/d-Ameloblastoma. D/d-osteosarcoma,odontogenic maxima, chondrosarcoma, haemangioma, metastatic act. Clincal and histopathological examination would be conclusive.
Clinical picture ? Get the biopsy done for confirmation and management It could be ameloblastoma
Ameloblastoma Surgical excision Biopsy
Is it osteosarcoma??

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