is a case delivered in my town.....with extra abdomen.bowels in amneotic sac.....anomalies scan already 7 th month

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it is GASTROSCHISIS. *not covered by sac. * umbilical cord is inserted next to the defect. * associated chromosomal abnormalities is <<1 %.
thanks for detail mam definitely inform the said parents for adv chrom.
Gastrochisis, as omphlocele is enclosed in sac
Exomphalos major
Exhamfolas major
Gastroschisis. pack the bowel in warm saline gauze dressing, correct fluid losses n stabilize the vitals including thermal neutrality,look for other associated malformations and take up for surgery.
Exomphalos cover with sterile gauze piece Ceftriaxone with Mikacin IV fluid Send to or call Pediatric surgeon
Its gastroschisis, silo to be applied, to prevent fluid loss .
Agree with Dr Jay Relax.
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