3rd March - World Birth Defects Day

There is a lot of unawareness about Birth defects. Many mothers don’t seek medical care to avoid humiliation by society and with the modern lifestyle, many women choose to get pregnant at late age. How it can affect fetal health & development?



These four are major niet defects or Congenital anomaly.. Heart defects... Cleft lip/palate.. .Down syndrome... Spina bifida... Most birth defects cannot be prevented because their cause is not known. For a few birth defects, you may be able to decrease your risk by taking certain steps:... ** Be in touch with Fetal medicine specialist. ** Change the life style...Avoids smoking..Alcohols... Marizona... ** Prevent infection. **Avoid late age pregnancy **Adequate multi vitamins, particularly Folic acid.

Society need to evolve Humiliation and marginalization is real for both affected children and parents These children are differently abled The key is recognizing their hidden talents to compensate for deficiencies Love and care is more important than treating every case Build the self esteem of this kids They will face the world bravely I was a different child But I learned I was different after 20yrs of education I use my brain differently even today I am doing well now The key is not comparing yourself with others Reach your own full potential with God given gifts Every cloud has a silver lining I saw light at the end of the tunnel and pursued it with iron will.

Folic acid should be given periconceptionally ie Atleast 2mon before pregnancy and 2months after confirmation of pregnancy. Most people give Folic acid after women is known to be pregnant. Neural tube closes 28 days after conception. If you give Folic acid after pregnancy is known, it won't serve the purpose.

Use folic acid tablets once pregnancy is detected &foetal medicine specialists are available in cities

As we prepare for marriage, we should also prepare the body for pregnancy and both the partners has role to play , we should consult a Gynaecologist and go necessary investigations and plan according to him to minimise the chances of Birt Defects

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Folic acid supplements Early anomaly scan followed by detailed anomaly scan r a must for all pregnancies




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