3rd post natal day baby had incessant cry and not take good feeds here is the case x Ray pictures



Cong small bowel atresia with perforation and pneumo peritoneum , neonatal emergency warranting exploration

I agree with Dr. vinod, bowel is distended, there must be some obstruction. Do an ultrasound for peristalsis and bowel measurements if anal opening is present and patent.

distended abdomen,xr suggestive of volvulus,needs Ped sx intervention and decompression.

large gut obstruction. volvulus needs surgical intervention.

Volvulus, malrotation of gut, large gut obstruction strong differentials. H/o passage of meconium , anal Artesia n further more nature of vomitus bilious or nonbilious r important. history very important in tis scenario


necrotising enterocolitis with perforation evident by rigler sign and pneumoperitoneum

why chest xray done in lateral view..provide blood reports as well AP view please..

intestinal obstruction. r/o anorectal malformations.

check for anal opening-anal atresia distended abdo showing intestinal- large bowel obstruction?

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