4-5 days history of swelling of eyelid..spot diagnosis??



External hordeolum (stye) Its a localised infection of zeiss or moll sebaceous glands.. Most of them are due to staph.aureus infection.. If patients has fever with auricular lymph nodes cellulitis is another possibility. . If there are no systemic symptoms than need only Hot fomentation Topical ointment bacitracin or chloramphenicol in night and ciplox eye drops in day time. Nsaids can be given for pain and to reduce inflammation. . If there is pus pointing than needs drainage. . If systemic symptoms are present like fever, palpable local lymph nodes treat with oral antibiotics erythromycin or amoxi-clav..

Hordeolum externum. Causes;squamous blepharitis,un corrected refractory errors.(Also Diabetes,may not be relevant in this case) Treatment. Epilation of the follicle if root is involved.Hot formentation with application of steroid antibiotic eye ointment.Add systemic Doxy if these are repeat episodes. Lid hygiene with child shampoo and finally rule out refractory error.

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STYE leading to cellulitis Treatment 1. Epilate the affected follicles 2. Oral antibiotic 3. Oral analgesics 4. Hot fermentation

Stye.. Check for refractive error.. If recurrent look for DM, skin infections like seborrhic dermatitis etc

External hordeolum(stye) Treated by Hot fomentation and topical antibiotics.

Mam, can we say -Stye leading to cellulitis??

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External Hordeolum (stye)

Preseptal cellulitis

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