4 yr old boy with such lesions rashes and lowgrade fever..what's the DD?



Strawberry tongue. Scarlet fever or Kawasaki Disease.

Strawberry tongue Scarlet fever Kawasaki disease Vit.B deficiency.

Kawasakidisease b12def scarlet fever

Strawberry tongue Vitamin deficiency, Kawasaki disease, or a strep infection (scarlet fever).

Strawberry tongue.scarlet fever,Kawasaki disease or vit b deficiency

Strawberry tongue- scarlet fever / kawaski disease / vit.b12 def.

The picture shows “strawberry tongue” which is a sign of scarlet fever along with the fever.

Strawberry tongue Scarlet fever Kawasaki disease Allergy Vitamin B12 n folate deficiency

Strawberry tongue...

Scarlet fever featuring strawberry tongue

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