Fnac of left mid cheek swelling

40 y male c/o swelling on left side face mid region since few days.G C was average..The patient was prescribed a course of antibiotics and referred to dentist but the swelling didn't subside and FNAC was advised.O/E swelling was 2.8x 1.3 cm soft to cystic..and 0.3 ml purulent pus like material aspirated...Organizing abscess


Dr. Shweta Garg Mam, the quality of your cases is really good. Please try to add details of the case in case section format by adding section tags like chief complaint, investigations, diagnosis etc given on the app. This way you can participate in the post and win contest running by Curofy

Thankyou sir...yeah I will do it now

Organising abscess. Clinical evaluation suggested for exact location... amd origin.

Consistent with abscess

Suppurative Lesion